So, what is the New Job Fitness Club?

The New Job Fitness Club is an online resource for people looking to move on in their careers; for people who need a little guidance, a little courage, or a little push to take the next step.

Maybe they’re people who have already tried many different routes but things haven’t always worked out as planned.  Maybe they’re people who are flying high but have become fearful and are looking for somewhere safe to land.  Maybe they’re people who didn’t receive the level of careers advice at school or college that they had anticipated.

It’s for people who have become lost, or stuck, or frightened.  For people not quite sure which way to turn next, and also for people who are completely sure but find themselves anxious about making a move.

People who need a little support with their writing, with the presentation of their work.  People who feel weighed down by responsibility; so burdened by today that tomorrow seems too difficult to contemplate.

People like you.

We believe in learning; we believe in imagination, in creativity and in commitment; and we believe that, by exercising these qualities, your chances of success will increase

With the deliberate use of metaphors from the disciplines of sport and exercise (such as toning, flexing, stretching and strengthening) to emphasise the importance of thorough preparation, the New Job Fitness Club will provide valuable instruction and support in your quest to win the right job.

As a member of the New Job Fitness Club you’ll find a growing resource of articles, ideas, examples and videos, and also links to sources of useful advice.  We’ll communicate through emails and online conversations, whether for career mentoring, for interview practice or just for a general chat; all the time helping you develop a sense of purpose and build a strategy for success.  You’ll also be able to interact with fellow members via our Facebook group.

The New Job Fitness Club will evolve to meet the needs of its membership.  It will always be open to ideas and thoughts, although those ideas and thoughts will not all necessarily be acted upon.  It’s somewhere to go when you need friendly advice from somebody who genuinely wants you to succeed.


My Story

Every business has a beginning, and you can read about mine in the blog 'Walk Unafraid'.

Peter Neale MSc

With 35 years' experience in three different industry sectors, I have  mentored many people at various stages on their journey through professional life.

In a friendly and optimistic manner I will help you set career goals, and encourage you to be at your very best at those crucial moments that could change your life for the better.

Together we will draw on your qualities and experiences to develop your emotional intelligence and tell the story of your life, building your confidence to win the right job.